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Green is Sexy

An environmentally positive lifestyle is very important to me. I have been active in the community for environmental awareness and animal activism. I have participated in the Great Shoreline Cleanup, World Wildlife Fund Canada activities (CN Tower Climb 2016, Earth Hour, Polar Bear Walk 2017...), spreading the word about animal rights with PETA and PETA2, taking action with Oceana and Greenpeace Canada as well as local initiatives (protesting the use of elephants in the circus).

I remember the first time I started my green lifestyle, there was a town meeting in regards to solar panels in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island in the Summer of 2008. I've been hooked ever since. It's funny to say, but very true, the character Summer Roberts in the OC had a positive influence on my choice to live green, and go with my passion of helping animals.

My current goal is to save up some money to travel to Thailand and volunteer on a elephant sanctuary for a month. 

You can lessen your negative footprint on Planet Earth by making small, simple changes in your daily routine. Here are some small adjustments you can make that will have Mother Nature thank you, and you will be proud of yourself! Remember, climate change is real; and it is affecting not only humans. 

  • Walk or bike to work instead of taking your car! Even public transit is better than everyone individually taking their vehicles. 
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! This one is pretty self explanatory. I like to reuse things on the daily. Recently, I used tin cans as planters for my indoor herb garden. I tied some twine around it with a pretty bow and ta da! Reused tin cans makes my kitchen look super cute and rustic.
  • Turn off the lights! When you leave a room, turn off your lights - unplug things you're not using. You are wasting valuable energy. 
  • Cut meat out of your day to day life. Cows are a great cause of frustration for the atmosphere, their emissions are causing huge damage. You don't have to become vegan to make a difference, you can simply not eat meat each and every day! Did you know that is takes 990 litres of water to make ONE litre of milk? Take a minute of your day to read up on the effect that cows have on Planet Earth 
  • When you're choosing your beauty products, choose to support the environmentally and organically sound brands. They end up being better for your skin anyways! Personally, I would rather put natural products on my skin than ones with things in it that I can't even pronounce. Also - cruelty free for me please! 
  • Support local - this one is pretty straight forward. Go to your local market and buy locally grown goods.
  • Don't litter! A lot of the time animals see your litter and will attempt to eat it, every time I see something in regards to litter in the ocean I get immediately sad.  Animals have our GARBAGE creating issues in their lives and survival. 
  • Did you know that there is an app you can use on your smartphone to see if the company tests on animals? It's called Bunny Free. I find it really handy when shopping for beauty/health items!
  • Turn down the heat. If you're cold, put on a sweater. There's no reason your heat in your home should be so warm that you can walk around in a tee shirt and shorts in the middle of Winter.

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