Hello Babe | Bootay Bag

BootayBag has got to be one of the cutest subscription services I have ever received! I received the most perfect pairs of cheeky panties a girl could dream of, they fit so well and it's so nice to get little girly gifts in the mail. The packaging is super sweet, and the actual panties themselves are really high quality and the styling is gorgeous. I chose the size L for myself, as my booty doesn't quit, usually I am a size 8 dress if that helps you when choosing your sizes! There's something so nice about having beautiful panties underneath sweatpants or wearing a fancy dress. 

BootayBag is a monthly subscription for women, you get charged 12$ USD per month with free shipping in the USA! You can choose to : mix it up, no thongs, always thongs - which is fabulous because I'm the type that hates thong panties.  You can pick your style preference and follow along on their social media channels to see what's going on in the world of BootayBag

Smooth Move | My 5 Favourite Smoothies

The Brunette Shake was named after my thought process, that I am forever a brunette and I love to shake things up in life. Which is equally true when it comes to things I eat and drink.

I have been getting into the grove of having a smoothie each and every morning when I wake up, and sometimes even mid-day. I've been having a lot of fun playing around with different recipes that others have shared with me through a post on Facebook, and some that I have found in the depths of the internet (AKA Pinterest). Also, if you don't follow me on Pinterest you totally should. I pin everything pretty and delicious! Like cakes and cupcakes, pies and tarts, style, pink things, home decor, fitness and health, holiday ideas, arts n' crafts... 

Of course, after weeks of testing and experiments, I have found my perfect smoothie. I don't really measure either, I kind of just throw handfuls of fruit and liquids into my blender until I feel like it's perfect. I've put some approximate measurements for you guys though. 

I have a few really good ones, so I have made this post with all my top smoothies. Some taste like dessert, and if you know me at all, you know I love dessert. If you're looking for frozen fruits I would highly suggest Presidents Choice - they literally have everything, and it always seems to be on sale. I was able to find avocado cubes, coconut chunks and every other fruit I ever wanted.

After switching to smoothies for breakfast, I have gained energy for the day (my work day starts at 7am!), lost a considerable amount of weight (along with my 21 day fix workouts, cardio, weights and yoga!), and have noticed a beautiful change in my skin and hair. I drink boatloads of water too, up to 4L per day.

Rock Star Diaries | March 2017 Edition

I've spent the past two days trying to figure out how to embed a Spotify playlist! Everything I read said there would be an embed button, which of course I could not find for the life of me. Eventually, after two glasses of wine, I figured it out! 

Each month I plan to share what I am currently listening too. I'm constantly listening to music, and dancing around my house. I'm one of those people you see dancing and singing in their car when they're driving/at a stoplight. 

This is my March edition of my Spotify Loves. These are all the songs that I am singing, or dancing around to.

Miss Adventure | Polka Dot

I grew up with Miss Piggy sheets on my bed. Literally. She was a go-go dancer and was wearing pink, and all the other Piggy dancers were wearing other colours. It was fantastic. My sheets made me dream of theatre and dance. When I saw the Miss Adventure videos featuring Miss Piggy and Zosia Mamet, I was so excited! Kate Spade is my favourite brand, and Miss Piggy is wonderful. 

The video is hilarious. I've included it below! Try not to watch it a million times, I dare you! 

Anyways, when I received this gorgeous package with the polka dot Kate Spade faux fur coat in it, I nearly passed out from excitement. The amount of outfits I could picture myself in with this coat...It is very much a glamour coat. 

I took the coat with me to Prince Edward Island to visit my Nanny, who has been a major influence in my stylish well being. She adored the coat. I did take photos wearing the coat twice in PEI with my sister, Olivia. Two different outfits, and the coat was the main part of the show. 

There's something so fun and unique about Kate Spade pieces. I have quite the collection and I'd love to share someday! It makes me happy knowing that someday in the far away future, my granddaughter might wear this coat in a flying car shaped like a Frisbee.

Insta Stories | March 2017

The new feature on Intagram that allows you to share daily stories (similar to SnapChat) is quickly becoming an addiction. 

I love how I can share day to day things with my followers that I normally wouldn't post in an actual Instagram post! 

If you don't follow me on Instagram, you should. I'm hill-arious. In the meantime, here's some of my Insta Stories for the month of March! 

Expect to see: A quick trip to Prince Edward Island, lots of smoothies, workout fails and more!

March 1st-March8th 2017

Sweet Spot Labs | It's a girl thing...

Hey sugar! 

I've spent the past month using Sweet Spot Lab's Vanilla Blossom gentle wash so that I could properly review it with my 100% honest opinion (as per usual!). I love natural and girly products, so this was fun and super interesting for me to try out. 

If you want to keep things short and sweet (pun intended), I'm in love. You need this. Go buy it. 

If you want an in depth review, I gotcha sister. Feminine products are sometimes seen as "embarrassing" or something that should be kept private. Sweet Spot Labs is all about being fun and fearless. I really admire the powerhouse women who created these wonderful pH balanced skincare products for all us ladies! I had a chance to use the Vanilla Blossom gentle wash before and after a wax, as well as after the gym and casually during the week as well. I don't think I could possible go back to not using them! They keep your sweet spot, well... sweet! They also carry super cute little "to-go" wipes which are amazing to throw into your purse, or if you're going away on a quick trip. The stuff smells amazing, is 97% natural and doesn't irritate your skin! I have very sensitive skin, and  I didn't get any redness, itchiness or anything negative at all. 

You can purchase them at the following retailers: 
Shoppers Drug Mart stores
Oh! And one more thing - they're cruelty free!