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March 7, 2017

Sweet Spot Labs | It's a girl thing...

Hey sugar! 

I've spent the past month using Sweet Spot Lab's Vanilla Blossom gentle wash so that I could properly review it with my 100% honest opinion (as per usual!). I love natural and girly products, so this was fun and super interesting for me to try out. 

If you want to keep things short and sweet (pun intended), I'm in love. You need this. Go buy it. 

If you want an in depth review, I gotcha sister. Feminine products are sometimes seen as "embarrassing" or something that should be kept private. Sweet Spot Labs is all about being fun and fearless. I really admire the powerhouse women who created these wonderful pH balanced skincare products for all us ladies! I had a chance to use the Vanilla Blossom gentle wash before and after a wax, as well as after the gym and casually during the week as well. I don't think I could possible go back to not using them! They keep your sweet spot, well... sweet! They also carry super cute little "to-go" wipes which are amazing to throw into your purse, or if you're going away on a quick trip. The stuff smells amazing, is 97% natural and doesn't irritate your skin! I have very sensitive skin, and  I didn't get any redness, itchiness or anything negative at all. 

You can purchase them at the following retailers: 
Shoppers Drug Mart stores
Oh! And one more thing - they're cruelty free!


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