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May 22, 2013

Beautify Yourself | Sunscreen 101

I can picture it now; the sun is shining, waves are crashing, laying on my towel at the beach, laughing with friends in my favorite new one-piece cut-out bathing suit with sunscreen from head to toe. Due to a skin condition, I have worn sunscreen religiously for the past 15 years. 

While in high school, all of the "popular" girls went to tanning beds every week and were tan (and a wee bit orange) all year round. Those very same girls now have wrinkly foreheads, terrible skin tone and sun spots. Sure, I have wrinkles... but they are laugh lines around my eyes that you can only see if you look closely, and I love them! Wouldn't you rather have wrinkles from laughing than because you tanned all year round?

You should cherish the skin you're in. After all, it's what keeps you all together! It's the what everyone can see. Why wouldn't you take care of it? 

Not using sunscreen can create major skin issues. Yes, that's right the "C" word is one of them. Cancer. If that doesn't scare you into using sunscreen (even occasionally) I don't know what will! Other skin issues from non-use of sunscreen is aging and sun damage. Um...ew! I'd rather keep my porcelain skin thanks. 

My #1 tip for sunscreen is that if you think you missed a spot but you're not sure,  just put extra sunscreen on it! More sunscreen isn't going to hurt you. My #2 tip is to be sure to read the label when buying sunscreen, make sure you are protected against BOTH UVB and UVA rays!

Even celebrities wear sunscreen, so don't think that it makes you "lame" to wear sunscreen. Krysten Ritter carries Bliss Suncream in her bag! You don't have to be tan during the summer! I'm white as a ghost and I love it. My skin is happy, and so am I. 

Now, time for my choice sunscreens. The sunscreen that was recommended to me by my dermatologist was "Ombrelle" sunscreen, and I use it almost everyday! My 2nd favorite is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 70.

Happy Summer Shopping! Sunscreen is a staple for every outfit this Summer. 

Beautify Youself : Sunscreen 101

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