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April 10, 2018

DIY Rosewater Toner

It can take years to find something that works well for your skin. I am almost 30, and it has taken me years to find out what really works for me. 

99.9% of products I use on my face are handmade, vegan and all natural. 

I enjoy making my own scrubs and soaps and will be sharing all my personal recipes for beauty here on The Brunette Shake. 

This past weekend I spent some time making my rose water. It's super easy and only has 3 ingredients (sometimes 4). 

1. Three cups of rose petals 
2. Three cups of water
3. Teaspoon of witch hazel oil (and/or rosehip oil or any oil you may LOVE for your skin)

You boil the water and rose petals for about 7 minutes. After it boils I like to let it steep for about 15 minutes, sometimes even 30 minutes if I forget about it and get distracted. 

Drain the mixture

Add witch hazel

Pour your mixture into mason jars. 

Ta da! 

Ces't fini. It's that easy! This DIY toner has worked well on my skin for years. There are so many variations of rose water, you can even add vodka (which works really well if you have oily skin)

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