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September 23, 2018

Hillary's Halloween Spooktacular

Yes it's September. But I am ahead of the curve, and have been excited for Halloween since last Halloween. 

I want to host a Hillary's Halloween Spooktactular this year. AKA the best Halloween party you will ever attend. 

Of course, to find the best and spookiest invitations I did the following:

1. Made my own using Stampin' Up! stamps
2. Stalked Paperless Post for the best invites

I like Paperless Post quite literally because everyone is on their phone these days, and 100% connected all the time. Paperless Post invites go right into the email and are always super cute (I mean terrifying). I decided to do both. One paper invite for the fridge, and one into the email. 

I have included my MOST FAVOURITE Paperless Post Halloween invites and cards below. 

Which one is your favourite? I quite enjoy the Kate Spade option (of course). 

Forever singing Monster Mash.

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