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January 24, 2015

DIY | Brown Sugar Scrub

I absolutely LOVE Fresh's Brown Sugar Scrub - of course it's pricey. I think it retails for about 45$ at Sephora. I wanted to achieve the same results without breaking the bank, so I made my own scrub! 

What's so wonderful about this DIY scrub you ask? Well, it's nice knowing exactly what products you're using on your face. No preservatives or ingredients you can't spell or pronounce. 

Basically I used products I already had at my disposal.

I used: coconut oil, brown sugar, jojoba oil and evening primrose oil. I used more coconut oil than the other oils and once it was mixed and put into a reusable glass container I had a shower so I could test out this little concoction! 

It was GREAT! The scrub left my skin feeling baby soft and moisturized. 

You guys should totally try to make your own scrub and let me know hoeing goes! Next homemade project : DIY Black Tea Face Mask

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