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March 5, 2015

How "The O.C." Shaped My Style

Watching The O.C. for the first time was a revelation. I didn't watch The OC right away from Season 1 though. I started watching The OC when it was in Season 3, and watched it from the beginning. About 7 times. I remember sitting in my first apartment on my lavender silk comforter in my bedroom. I fell in love with the characters and the drama. Not to mention to fashion! It was a trifecta! Summer Roberts was always my favorite. Watching her style evolve over time encouraged my own personal style to evolve, and to try new and exciting things. 

Unfortunately, I was lacking in funds to purchase all of the things I wanted to create my style, so I frequently visited the local thrift stores to score for finds. I remember there was a "stuff a garbage bag for 5$" sale down the road from my apartment. I purchased the most beautiful floral vintage dresses and lacy tops. I was full flown bohemian, just how I liked it. I had a short pixie hair cut, and rocked that free people look with ease. 

I didn’t know any girl who wasn’t envious of the wardrobes in The OC. I would cut magazines with photos from the style of the show and make mood boards. The style was my main interest in the show. The pools of fashion that Summer Roberts and Marissa Cooper had access to was essentially the same as the rest of us—polo shirts, silk camisoles, jeans, cropped cardigans, flip flops, floral dresses, jean skirts—there was always a unique twist or finishing touch to the outfit to make it quirky and one of a kind. There were ribbons as belts, tank tops and tee shirts under strapless dresses, bikini tops under sheer T-shirts (classic OC beachy style), disheveled hair with formal dresses, bandanas tied around purse straps, layered necklaces over graphic T-shirts, slip dresses as tank tops, and so on and so forth.

These characters experimented. They shook things up in a way that was cool rather than crazy and over the top. It gave me the sense that I could do the same—and, did I ever! I distinctly remember rocking a vintage flowly skirt and a tee with a cardigan just because Summer did. Seth and Summer were the best dressed couple on TV (now trumped by Blair and Chuck of course), and Seth looked so cute and punk inspired with his band, and comic book graphic tees. 

This was the real start to my independence and style. Where I could wear what I wanted, when I wanted and be confident in doing so. 

What inspired you as a teen? Did you watch The OC?

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