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July 11, 2018

Top Instagrammable Spots in Moncton, NB

One thing that I struggle with is where to take Instagram photos. 

It's a hard-knock life for a small town Blogger to find pretty places for content without uprooting your entire life and moving to Italy, London, Paris or NYC. Which is also on my side burner, but we will keep that a secret. 

I currently reside in Moncton, New Brunswick and always fall back on 6 totally Instagrammable hot spots, that I have decided to share with all my East Coast babes for some inspiration! I will be sharing a few guides for local surrounding cities too! So keep your eyes open for future posts.

#1 : Festival Inspire Graffiti
There are graffiti spots all over town, with beautiful art installations for you to put on the 'gram. A few of my favourites are below! They are currently in the process of painting some more murals and I am so excited to see them! They should be done by July 19th.

My favourites:
Dieppe Public Library - Book Collection
Starving Artist Cafe - Turtle Installation
Wize Guys Moncton - Rainbow Rain

Here's the official map for the graffiti from 2018 :

#2 : Tony's Bistro and Patisserie, McLaughlin Road
This is a hot spot for delicious treats, eats and beverages. I usually go around 330-400PM for prime Instagram photos. Order some delicious Parisian inspired treats and get your friend to take your photo. Make sure to get an almond croissant to go, they're to die for! 

#3 : King's Ice Cream, Mountain Road
I love to go to this hot spot in the Spring/Summer months for a delicious cone and to take Instagram photos on their chairs shaped like ice cream cones. I'm not joking. I want to buy some for my new kitchen table, they're that cool.

#4 : Downtown Strolls
When you stroll downtown you'll see a lot of beautiful sights. Colourful houses, beautiful gardens and old brick buildings. All are great backdrops to showcase your outfit! My favourite thing to do is try to match the houses or wear something that will make my outfit pop with the coloured homes behind me. You can also take a walk into Victoria Park in the Summer for a really beautiful spot with flowers and lovely trees. There's even a store that's completely pink outside on Main Street!

#5 : Nature Spots
I am inspired by nature and love to frolic in the woods and discover new hidden gems. A few of my favourite nature spots in the Moncton area are below!

Irishtown Nature Park
Centennial Park 
Hopewell Rocks

#6 : Magnetic Hill Wharf Village
The Magnetic Hill village had a major makeover this year and all the buildings have been freshly painted and look oh so lovely! There are several opportunities for different back drops, this place is going to be seen all over my Instagram feed this Summer for sure. Fingers crossed they still have the Beavertail restaurant!

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