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June 27, 2018

Arm the Animals

Arm the Animals is the tee shirt designs for animal activism that we were all waiting for. 

Their tees are cute, but powerful. Trendy, but makes you think about your actions. There is no reason why you cannot rock a good cause wearing a super cool tee, it doesn't have to be graphic to get attention! I actually love how fashion forward these tees are. They fit right into any Instagram aesthetic, and definitely have the power to encourage positive conversations about animal welfare.   

The reasons why I love these tees are endless, so is the amount of amazing tees available. Their mission is to raise awareness and funds while providing stellar support for animal welfare organizations. 

Check out their website :

I styled two tee shirts into two completely different outfits (one super casual, one more dressed up), which you can see below. ATA makes it super easy to incorporate activism and fashion. 

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