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November 7, 2018

Road Trippin' - Cabot Trail

I had the pleasure of travelling with my family to the Cabot Trail for nature inspired adventures this past month. It was the epitome of a Family Vacation, you could say that we could give the National Lampoon movies a run for their money (especially during our Pictionary game).

My family is quirky, and eccentric and I wouldn't want to have my life any other way. 

We piled into our respective vehicles (car + van) with our furry family members (the puppy dogs obviously), and ventured the *what seemed like 500 hours* drive along the Cabot Trail. 

We stayed at a cabin resort called "Zzzz Moose" which was a short 3 minute walk to the beach, where I collected way too many rocks. Why does a almost 29 year old woman need 7 giant rocks?

I fell a lot while we were going through the trails (mostly because I choose to wear Duckies vs. hiking shoes) and was constantly on the look out for a bear or coyote. 

It was quite windy/rainy while we were hiking the trails, so we were unable to make it to certain areas but we definitely had fun together - and I would suggest a family road trip on the Cabot Trail is a must for your next Road Trip. 

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