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February 1, 2019

The Colour Yellow

A question I love to ask people is "what is your favourite colour?"

I think you can tell a lot about a person by which colour they gravitate towards. Is it a warm colour or a cool colour? A specific shade? Personally, my favourite colour is yellow. 

I love how yellow is so bright, and cheerful. It can light up an entire room. It sets my soul on fire. If you think about it, the great giant yellow sun lights up the entire planet with warm sunshine that lets trees and flowers grow and animals prosper.

Vincent Van Gogh thought that by consuming yellow paint, it would create happiness inside him. I want to show you how beautiful the colour yellow is, in a way you may have forgotten to notice because they are commonplace things that we can advantage of looking at everyday.

We need more yellow. 

Sunflower Fields
Fall's Changing Leaves
Bumble Bees
Buttercup Flowers
Rubber Ducks
School Buses
Rain Coats
Night Lights
Woodstock the Bird
My Vespa, Daphne
The Inside of a Pineapple
Banana Popsicles

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