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May 14, 2019

Beach Body

How do you achieve the perfect beach body? It's easy. 

Step 1 : Have a body

Step 2 : Go to the beach

I know that sometimes it's not that easy. Self confidence can affect how you feel in your swimsuit, but trust me - getting out in the sunshine, the fresh air and near that salty sea water; you'll feel so happy and will forget about it all. 

Everyone has feelings of insecurities about their body. While I was in Maui, I was far too happy to worry about my cellulite on my thighs or my little belly bloat where I keep my extra cookies. I find that following people on Instagram (where I spend a lot of time scrolling) that have similar body types as myself, it can help me feel more confident and get that "she looks amazing!" feeling towards my own body. The body positivity movement is so inspiring. 

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