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May 15, 2019

Hibiscus Flower Child

I love to do things while travelling that are specific to the location that I am visiting. In Maui, my travel bucket list was small, but meaningful. 

1. Swim with Sea Turtles
2. Learn How to Surf
3. Go Snorkelling 
4. See the Haaleakala Sunrise 
5. Hibiscus Tub Photoshoot with Maui Flower Tub
6. Road to Hana
7. Try Banana Bread
8. See Surfboard Fence in Paia

I have to admit, my Maui travel bucket list grew as I spent more time there - and I definitely did accomplish things I am so proud of. It's a place that I need to go back to as soon as I possibly can. One of the highlights of my trip was my photoshoot with Maui Flower Tub in Kula. It was a beautiful morning, the tub was incredible and Alexandra & her assistant were just fabulous. The change room to change bathing suits was outside surrounded by bamboo and avocado trees - it was a literal dream. I am so happy I chose to do this beautiful hibiscus photoshoot, it definitely boosted my confidence and I love the results. I would suggest that if you go to Maui; check out Maui Flower Tub and treat yourself to some beautiful photos you'll cherish forever.

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