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January 5, 2020

Australian Bushfires

I'm going to take a moment to use my blog as I intended to. When I created this blog in 2009, I wanted to share fashion, but I also wanted to share real life and my love for Mother Nature. Things may look so beautiful and lovely all over your Instagram feed - but remember, part of our World is on fire right now. 

The Australian Bushfires are no joke. My heart has been heavy following the fires for the past month, it has been estimated that OVER 480 MILLION animals have already been lost in the flames. 

Take a moment today to donate to the cause, and remember it doesn't need to break your bank account. Imagine if 500,000 people donated 1$ each - it adds up and can help significantly. Skip the Timmies coffee today and donate to help the firefighters, or donate to a Koala or Kangaroo sanctuary. Koalas are now defined as collectively extinct. Does that not make your heart full of sadness? If you need any links for sites where you can send in donations, I've included it in the section below. 

Remember to use social media for it's intended purposes and share with your friends on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.. wherever. The more eyes that see what is going on, the more likely donations will be made.

Emergency Wildlife Fund -

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