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January 1, 2020

Roaring 20's

The time is here! The last day of this decade. I am really looking forward to the next 10 years of my existence. I woke this morning from a wild dream, ate parisian macaron and drank my favourite English Breakfast tea from Trader Joe's. I curled up in my favourite blanket and watched The One With All The Resolutions episode of Friends. I played with my dog, Baxter and gave him his new alligator toy. I cut my bangs, and drank a delicious drink from Starbucks. I showered and cleansed myself of all negative energies. I repotted my plants and watered them, I rearranged my crystals, and wrote this blog post. 

From 2010-today I went through many ups and downs, but while browsing through old photos I was able to see how much I actually accomplished for myself from the age of 20 to 30. I learned how to drive, purchased 4 different vehicles, dabbled in photography, tried sushi, found out who Gossip Girl was, travelled all over, fell in love, got my heartbroken...

It was definitely a decade of growth. I am looking forward to the next 10 years because I feel like this is where it's at. This is when I finally am 110% dedicated to happiness, and not concentrated on what others think of me. Sometimes, even if it's family, if it's toxic to your soul - it's best to move on. Even though the love is still there, and always will be. The ending of the worst year of my life is finally here. I feel relief, and excitement. I have a beautiful blue and silver vintage dress to ring in 2020, and when the clock strikes midnight - it's time to live, it's time to change, it's just... time - and it's about time really. I've made bad decisions, I've been rebellious, but I also have felt more stuck this year than any other. I took time to reflect on my wants/needs in this life and I know that 2020 will be my year to shine with true happiness as I won't be letting the things that get me down any space in my life. 

For me, this New Year is all about forgiveness - and growing up. I'm 30 now, flirty thirty and thriving I like to say. I have big things I want to accomplish. This new decade and new year is the perfect platform. Expect to hear more from me, see more adventures and more joy. 

You see people complaining and making fun of others who take New Year's as a time to restart goals and realign their focus. There's nothing wrong with using New Year's as a time to restart, reboot and refocus. You got this, babes. 

Happy 2020 and Welcome to the ROARING 20's! Let's all party like Gatsby, and find more reasons to dress up. 


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