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June 22, 2018

Floral Fridays | Peonies & Lupins

One of my favourite things about Spring/Summer is the abundance of flowers that surround me. 

I have dedicated every Friday to post a photo of flowers on Instagram. It makes me insanely happy and nothing brings me as much joy as planting flowers and watching them grow, or arranging a gorgeous bouquet. 

Lupins are considered to be weeds and grow in ditches or on the side of the highway. They always bring me back to Summer days as a child visiting the East Coast of Canada, and now that I live on the East Coast of Canada I can enjoy the lovely lupins whenever I am on a drive with my Vespa or walking around. 

Peonies are one of my favourite flowers, they are very hard to find around where I live, but every year I manage to get my hands on some lovely pink blooms. My Mom has a gorgeous peony bush at her house, and I planted one at my old house too! 

Check out my lupin/peonies from this week! 

Happy floral Friday, babes! 

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