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June 4, 2018


I am the type of woman who loves to wear dresses. I have always loved dresses. It's difficult in the Winter months to wear dresses even if I have fleece tights to wear underneath. Canada has such freezing, arctic temperatures that I basically freeze while wearing a parka and snow pants, so you can imagine how it is when I wear tights and a dress. 

But alas -  June is here. Which means I have absolutely no excuse to not pull out my favourite dresses and finally shave my legs. Although, I did wake up to -2 degree weather this morning - but we won't focus on the negative. 

I was lusting after this TopShop striped dress and have seen it all over the 'gram for the past couple months. Yellow is super trendy right now, and yellow has been one of my favourite colours to wear since I can remember. I was a little bit anxious about the fit of this dress as I had to order it online. 

I shouldn't have worried. It fit like a dream. I ordered a 16UK just to be sure it wouldn't be too tight. I did have some weight gain over the past year due to PCOS (hormonal issues) and have been very sad about the fit of some of my Summer clothing. Perfect excuse to go shopping!

This dress is currently sold out, but if you live in Canada you can find it on the Hudson's Bay website for 95$! 

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