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February 17, 2019

Dream Girl

Did you know that in a typical lifetime you spend an average of six years dreaming? Research has actually shown that most people have several dreams every night, we just rarely remember all of the details from each dream. I definitely remember dreams often, and dream more than people I talk to about dreams. Keeping a dream journal makes me happy as my brain is trying to figure something out while I slumber, and vividly imaginative dreams are my bread and butter, a true delight to try to decipher. 

Something that I find interesting, is that I have no solid evidence in my brain that makes me confident to say I dream in colour. I know with the description of what I am thinking while dreaming is overly colourful and bright, but the visions I remember are muted. 

Sometimes I even dream up outfits to wear, or really retro styles that I then interpret and try in my day to day styles. I strongly believe that I mute myself down on a daily basis because of where I live (not adventurous with style or colour), but my mind at night is flooded with colourful ideas that inspire and delight my soul.

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