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February 14, 2019

Will you be my Valentine?

I have never been overly infatuated with Valentine's Day. I show my love to others all year round! To be honest, if I wore a mood ring daily, it would always show that I was in love. A highlight of Valentine's Day was when my schoolgirl crush snuck a Valentine in my decorated paperbag at my desk, and it said he thought I was cute. His name was Alex, and I kept that Valentine (I actually still have it in my hope chest!) and taped in on my bookshelf in my bedroom. I was in Grade 4, and was so in love (or my idea of love anyway). I had a lovely Valentine's Day experience in 2014, when my partner decorated his bedroom with a million red and pink balloons, roses, candles, chocolates, a stuffed bear and a beautiful card. He baked me a red velvet cake, and cooked me a delicious dinner. Those are the two major Valentine's day highlights of my life. I definitely admit to enjoying the availability and abundance of cinnamon hearts and seeing men (and women) bringing bundles of roses home to their loved ones. My plan for Valentine's Day this year is to treat myself. I am going to have an evening of self love. It may include an overly expensive bath bomb, an all natural hair and face mask and pink wine. It's important to show others love, but my first love was myself. It's important to show yourself  the same love and dedication as you give willingly to others! So this year, I'm going to be my own Valentine.

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