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July 20, 2019

Flower Power : Tulips

Last year, I dreamt of tulip fields when I was researching travel to Holland. They have the most beautiful tulip festival, so naturally, I started to search for tulip options closer to home. I found one in British Columbia and one in Prince Edward Island. Of course, the 2 hour trip to PEI was a far more economical option for me to see the beauty of tulip fields.

I spent 1 year lusting over the tulip fields and when it was finally "that time" we spent hours frolicking through the fields, enjoying the beauty and ignoring the mosquito population that was taking great pleasure in biting our legs. We stuck to the designated paths (since it is a farm/business) and we were in awe of the million tulips blooming. The next day, I was in a different kind of awe at  the million of mosquito bites on my body - but the memory of the beautiful flowers made it all worth it. 

In all honesty, the experience was better than if Tom Hardy magically appeared in front of me right now and gave me a kiss.

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